Past Events...

December 17, 2017... 3rd Annual Holiday Brunch

Location: Columbus Public Library, 3000 Macon Rd, Columbus Ga.

Time: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Cost: Free

Our goal is to feed up to 100 families; provide gently used clothes for those in need; and toys for kids of all ages.


March 12, 2017... Youth Cookoff & Bakesale

Location: Columbus Public Library, 3000 Macon Rd. Columbus Ga.

Time: 230pm-530pm

Cost: $10.00 to enter contest/Free to the public



January 29, 2017...Youth Vision Board/PepTalk

Location: Columbus Public Library, 3000 Macon Rd. Columbus Ga.​

Time: 3pm-6pm

Cost: $5.00


December 18, 2016... 2nd Annual Its a Holiday Brunch

This was another FREE community event geared towards helping those in need!!! #2017HolidayGiveaway 
Tadow Entertainment and Baby Fetish Clothing Bank teamed up again and this year we hosted a "Holiday Brunch!"
Our goal was to feed "100" families, as well as, provide entertainment and toy giveaways for children 15 and under.  We were able to not only feed several families, but we gave away free clothes, shoes, coats, hygiene products, and much more.

August 20, 2016... Allow Me to Pour into you-Youth Explosion

Kurundi Daniels of Authentic Self Enterprises, Cherveka Hayes with Tadow Entertainment, and Sherricka Day with Crayons, Crafts and Kool Kids teamed up to provide a youth empowerment event for the youth in our community, in hopes to change lives. There were workshops on subjects that interest them, as well as, guest speakers who shared their testimonies on bullying and the negative influences they overcame. Every child received free pampering services, such as hair cuts(boys) and hair styles, facials and beauty make overs, and 5 minute massages.  There were games with prizes and every guest left with special gift bags.

This event was for all teens ages 13-19 and it was FREE. 

April 30, 2016 and May 7, 2016... Youth Etiquette 101 & 102

Tadow Entertainment and CMyRee-Flection teamed up and taught proper etiquette techniques to girls ages 12-18. 
There were a variety of topics covered like...
*First Impressions
*Dining and Entertainment
*Internet Etiquette
*Inner Beauty
and much more

The girls left feeling empowered because they had a better understanding of why etiquette is so important.
This was a two day workshop, that only cost $10.00

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